U.S. to give Ukraine Humvees and drones

U.S. will supply Ukraine with Humvee armored cars and Raven reconnaissance drones.

It is expected that totally, the United States will provide Ukraine with 30 Humvee armored cars and 200 ordinary ones. The number of drones Ukraine will receive is not specified, reports with reference to Associated Press.

A source of the agency argues that the supply of cars and drones to Ukraine was agreed upon over the phone between Vice President of the United States Joe Biden and President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

According to the agency, the first batch of 30 Humvee armored can be sent to Ukraine within several weeks.

It is assumed that the drones will be equipped with video cameras with night vision function. There would be no weapons. In addition, apart from armored vehicles and drones, Ukraine should receive radio stations, radars and other equipment.

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