Hillary Clinton: U.S. should behave “much smarter” with Russia

Hillary Clinton, a U.S. presidential candidate, said that the U.S. should be much smarter when dealing with Putin and his ambitions.

Hillary Clinton, a U.S. presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, said that the United States should be “much smarter” when dealing with the Russian president, according to Reuters, reports.

“That’s why we have to be much smarter in how we deal with Putin and how we deal with his ambitions. He’s not an easy man… But I don’t think there is any substitute other than constant engagement,” the politician said.

In her speech in New York on June 13, Hillary Clinton promised to protect the Americans from “traditional threats” emanating, in her opinion, from Russia, North Korea and Iran.

June 26, for the first time in a few months the presidents of the U.S. and Russia talked on the phone. In the conversation, Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin discussed the issue of the Minsk agreements, as well as the situation in Iran and Syria. They also paid attention to the issues related to the fight against terrorism, in particular the activities of the Islamic state, an organization proscribed in Russia.

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