Therapy pig LiLou helps soothe stressed travellers

Therapy pig LiLou helps soothe stressed travellers

Lilou is a small, spotted Juliana pig has joined the Wag Brigade in San Francisco Airport on Monday, according to The CN Traveler.

LiLou is the first non-canine addition to the Wag Brigade, a group of 22 trained therapy dogs that roam SFO’s terminals with “Pet Me!” vests.

As you can see on her Instagram, LiLou likes to try a new identity sometimes – like a nurse, a pilot, a ballerina or a butterfly.

She also performs a variety of show-stopping moves, including “greeting people with her snout or a wave, twirling and standing up on her back hooves, and playing a toy piano.”

SFO isn’t the only airport using animals to help treat travel stress. More than 30 U.S. airports have “therapy dog” programs, while others, like Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, have been bringing in miniature therapy horses since last May.

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