Donald Trump makes epic gaffe live on camera

Donald Trump makes epic gaffe live on camera

Donald Trump was giving a press conference when he made a hilarious error, according to Metro.

The President was discussing the trials and tribulations of real hard-work in live television.

Trump said: ‘All this live television, it’s always live for me. You know for others the guys say ‘Who cares?’ but for me everything is live.

‘One mistake and it’s no good so we just can’t make mistakes right? So we don’t make mistakes.’

Slapping the person next to him on the arm he says ‘Go ahead Ken.’

Introducing himself ‘Ken’ starts by clarifying: ‘I’m Chuck Canterbury of the National President of the Fraternal Order of Police.

Oh dear.



The President was seemingly so convinced he never made mistakes only to make a pretty glaring error after praising his own ability not to make mistakes.

Yet, as you would expect, people rushed to Trump’s defence. John McNesby, president of Philadelphia’s Fraternal Order of Police, was present at the meeting.

He claimed that ‘Ken’ is actually ‘Chuck’s’ real first name. Despite ‘Ken’ calling himself, very publicly and on-camera, ‘Chuck’.

Twitter users were quick to share the faux pas:  


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