Belarusian student can be fined for challenging Lukashenko

Lukashenko will fine school student for Ice Bucket Challenge.

Belarusian student sent a challenge to Alexander Lukashenko

All the school students who participated in the video were summoned to the Youth Liaison Service.

"They said that we supposedly went against Lukashenko. But it was just an action, and we just wanted to pass the baton," explained Dayneko.

The guy was going to be fined, but it was decided just to delete the video from youtube and to reprimand his parents as well as teachers and the school director.

Dmitry says that the video appearance on the opposition website caused the scandal.

Lukashenko did not respond to the challenge, therefore, according the rules of the flash mob, he must donate $100 to the ALS Association charity fund or other charity fund within 24 hours.

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