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In Czech Republic, bridge collapse killed three people

Today, September 5, in the Czech town of Wilhelm there were finished search and rescue operations at the site of the bridge collapse, which occurred the day before.

Bridge collapse In Czech Republic

According to the local media, three people were killed and three others were injured. This morning the rescuers pulled them out from the rubble.

The tragedy occurred on Thursday, September 4 around 2.40 p.m. by local time. At that moment, there was the construction team under the bridge that was carrying out the structural repairs. Under the rubble, there were six people: three Czechs and three Slovaks.

At the scene, there were working about 70 people, including firefighters, rescue workers, doctors and ambulances, says Aktualne.cz portal. It is known that two of the injured people were hospitalized, one of them is in serious condition. "He was taken to the intensive care unit, where he was hooked up to a medical ventilator," said the rescuers. Another man, after being given medical treatment, returned to the scene to show the rescuers where the other workers could be. The degree of injury of the third rescued man is not reported.

The reasons for the bridge collapse are being investigated.