Americans tested Ebola vaccine on monkeys

American vaccine against Ebola virus was successfully tested on monkeys. Drugs showed a hundred percent effectiveness in the fight with the virus.

American Ebola virus vaccine

The WHO had previously informed that the Ebola virus could infect about 20 thousand people in West Africa. So far, the official vaccine against this virus does not exist, but the American products have been successfully tested on monkeys. The test results showed that the experimental vaccine is very effective. For example, this vaccine can defeat Ebola virus with symptoms of more severe form, even on the fifth day after infection.

Now is not yet known how effective this medicine is in the treatment of people. The vaccine release is limited to only a few doses. Seven patients with hemorrhagic fever have tested the drug, two of them died.

Earlier, it became known about the doctors who threw off Ebola virus. The physicians contracted the virus in one of the countries of West Africa. They were evacuated to a hospital in Atlanta. At the same time, the WHO said the Ebola virus outbreaks expansion in West Africa. According to the forecasts, it can increase sixfold. It can lead to infection of twenty thousand people. According to the WHO, the total number of infected people is 3062.

In order to prevent the penetration of the virus in Ukraine, the Ministry of Healthcare strengthens security measures. For example, the sanitary and epidemiological surveillance has been strengthened at the checkpoints at the Ukrainian borders. Also, there is supervised pass control of air flights. In case of any Ebola virus symptoms, the passengers arriving from Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Liberia, are sent for a medical examination. It was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine.

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