Ice Bucket Challenge founder died

The founder of a charity event and flash mob "Ice Bucket Challenge" popular among celebrities drowned in the Atlantic Ocean.

The founder of "Ice Bucket Challenge" Corey Griffin

Domestic and foreign celebrities literally go nuts about "Ice Bucket Challenge". The idea to combine charity and ice water pouring gained enormous popularity. Hollywood actors, singers, athletes, TV presenters – everybody without exception, pour themselves over with cold water and pass the baton to colleagues and friends. The "pouring" sport champion is a British actor Benedict Kamberbech who doused himself with liquid ice 5 times.

Few people know about the founder of this charity event to fight amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Corey Griffin. A terrible tragedy happened. Ironically, 27-year-old man … drowned. The tragedy occurred on the island of Nantucket on Friday. After raising funds for ALS patients, Corey decided to jump from the roof of "Juice Guys" directly into the ocean, but after the jump, he did not come to the surface. The tragedy occurred late at night, and at 2 a. m. the rescuers pulled the body of the man out of water.

Corey Griffin was a good, responsive and inventive man. He came up with the "Ice Bucket Challenge" action after he learned that his friend was sick with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The man even could not imagine how popular the project would be.

"Ice Bucket Challenge" attracted attention of the brightest stars. It was attended by Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Ashton Kutcher, Bill Gates, Ronaldo and many others.

Currently the volunteers have managed to raise $70 million, but, unfortunately, the main inspirer of this action will not know about it. We hope that even after the death of the founder his business will be picked up and continued by all the people who care about the misfortunes of others.

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