Children of Silicon Valley employees are studying without tablets and laptops

eBay CTO sent his children to school without computers. So did the staff of other Valley giants such as Google, Apple, Yahoo, and Hewlett-Packard.

Children of Silicon Valley employees are studying without tablets and laptops

This school is called Waldorf of the Peninsula. It looks very simple and old-fashioned. There are blackboards with colored chalk, bookshelves with encyclopedias, wooden desks with books and pencils. For studying, it uses usual tools unrelated with the latest technologies: pens, pencils, sewing needles, sometimes even clay, etc. And there are no computers. No screen. Their use is prohibited in the classroom and not encouraged at home.

The supporters of studying without IT believe that computers inhibit creative thinking, mobility, human relationships and attentiveness. These parents believe that when there is a need to introduce their children to the latest technology, they will always have these necessary skills and opportunities at home.

Paul Thomas, a former teacher and the Furman University professor who has written 12 books on educational methods in public institutions, argues that for the educational process it is better to use computers as little as possible.

The supporters of computer-equipped classes claim that computer literacy is needed to meet the challenges of our time. The parents who believe that computers are not needed wonder: why to hurry if everything is so easy to learn? The pupils do not consider themselves disadvantaged. They occasionally watch movies and play computer games. Children say they are even disappointed when they see their parents or relatives, entangled by various devices.

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