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Sweden will recognize state of Palestine

Stockholm believes that formal recognition will contribute to the establishment of Palestine.

Sweden will recognize state of Palestine

Newly elected Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Lofven believes that the current conflict in Palestine can be resolved only by a two-state solution, concluded in accordance with international law.

It was reported on Reuters.com on October 3.

"Two-state solution requires mutual recognition and desire for peaceful coexistence. Consequently, Sweden will recognize the state of Palestine," said the Prime Minister.

According to Reuters, the decision of Stockholm will probably provoke a wave of criticism from Israel.

If the new center-left government fulfills its promise, Sweden will be the first country to recognize Palestine as a member of the EU. The former center-right cabinet refused to recognize the state of Palestine, referring to the fact that the Palestinian authorities do not control the country.

The Swedish Parliament confirmed the designation of the Social Democratic Party leader Stefan Lofven to the post of Prime Minister. September 14, the "red-green" opposition alliance led by the Social Democratic Party, which together with the Green and Left Parties got 43.8% of the votes, won the Swedish parliament Riksdag election. 39.3% of voters voted for the conservative coalition led by the Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

It is to be recalled that in November 2012, the UN granted Palestine non-Member Observer State Status.

Thus, de facto the Palestinian state has been recognized (previously the United Nations considered it as the "formation"), and thus, it will receive a number of new rights, including the right to appeal to the International Court of complaints against Israel. Israel does not recognize the jurisdiction of the court, but the legal consequences of Palestinian claims may complicate the residence of the Israelites in the countries where the jurisdiction of the ICC is recognized.

In addition, Palestine will get the official status of the independent state, occupied by another country. This status will determine the boundaries of Palestine; they will be recorded according to the demarcation line that preceded the 1967 war – with Eastern Jerusalem and without Jewish settlements in the West Bank.