Kim Jong-un finally appears in public

For the first time in the last 40 days, Kim Jong-un appeared in public. The reason is tendon injury the leader picked up during military exercises

Kim Jong-un

Today, October 14, the Korean Central News Agency KCNA reported that the leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un visited the new residential complex in Pyongyang. The Party newspaper "Rodong Sinmun" has published photos of the leader, leaning on a cane.

For the first time in the last 40 days, Kim Jong-un appeared in public. The North Korean leader was seen September 3 for the last time, when he and his wife attended a concert in Pyongyang. After that, he did not appear on two most important holidays – September 9, Day of the DPRK and October 10, on celebration of the 69th anniversary of the ruling party of the country. The long absence of Kim Jong-un, who usually willingly appears in public, has given rise to a wave of rumors about his serious illness or even death, or a coup d"état.

Today, according to KCNA, the North Korean leader inspected the construction area for scientists floor called "Sputnik" and "gave the necessary instructions". As noted, the residential area consists of 24 apartment buildings, school, hospital, kindergarten and other buildings of socio-cultural purposes. Kim Jong-un noted that the area looks "very attractive, it is a fantastic area". In addition, he "visited the newly built Institute of natural energy sources of the State Academy of Sciences". After examining the building, the leader of North Korea noted that the builders did everything qualitatively as the party required.

"Our scientists, who devote their entire lives building rich and powerful country, are sponsored by the Workers" Party. We have to take care of the scientists," said Kim Jong-un.

According to Reuters, with reference to its sources in Pyongyang, the DPRK leader did not appear in public because of damaged tendon. According to the source, Kim Jong-un picked up the injury during military exercises, held in late August – early September. "He ordered the generals to take part in the exercise, and he also did it. They crawled, ran, rolled, and Kim Jong-un damaged his tendon," said the source.

He also noted that being overweight contributed to the fact that the DPRK leader injured his ankle and knee. "At first he was just limping, but then his condition deteriorated", said the source. He said that it would take Kim Jong-un about 100 days to recover. At the same time, according to him, the head of North Korea holds state affairs under control.

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