Deputy arrested for fighting with 14-year-old in Britain

The Deputy of the British House of Commons, Eric Joyce was arrested for fighting with a 14-year-old boy in the store.

In Britain deputy arrested for fighting with 14-year-old

The incident happened on October 17 in the London district of Camden Town, reports The Guardian.

It is known that the fight involved two boys and a 54-year-old man, who was arrested for infliction of bodily harm.

One of the teenagers was also in custody, he was suspected of possessing cannabis. Joyce, in his turn, called the incident an "unfortunate occurrence."

According to him, he detained a youth in a shop where damage had been done.

"When officers arrived they arrested the youth and informed me that drugs had been recovered from the scene. The officers also informed me that the youth had immediately made a complaint that I had assaulted him by detaining him," he wrote in his blog.

By the way, this is the fourth arrest of Joyce for the last three years.

Thus, in March 2013, he was arrested for drunken brawl in the House of Commons. He was forbidden to buy alcohol in the parliamentary bars.

In 2012, Joyce was expelled from the Labour Party after he hit three Conservatives and one party fellow in the parliamentary bar and then swore at the police officers. He was sentenced to a year of community service and fined for 4,5 thousand dollars. In addition, he was banned to go to bars for three months.

Earlier, in 2010, Joyce had his driving license suspended for refusal to be examined after the car accident.

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