Buddhist temple collects virtual donations

Money does not smell. Thus, the international meditation center Lotus Lantern started accepting donations and fees in the form of virtual coins of Bitcoin. The Buddhist temple hopes that it will be more convenient to practice Buddhism in such a way.

Buddhist temple collects virtual donations

This is the first Buddhist temple in the history of South Korean, which is interested in virtual money. For today there are 57 institutions working with a virtual Bitcoin system in the country. According to Ukrainian media, Lotus Lantern became the 58th one.

The cooperation of Buddhist temple with virtual coins of Bitcoin will allow the users of virtual systems to attract new customers. At the same time, the Center definitely has benefits: its representatives are confident that it will be easier to practice Buddhism with the help of the virtual system.

It is known that recently in Kyiv, it was opened an office agency for the sale of virtual currency of Kuna, and hence the capital residents can buy Bitcoin. It is to be noted that this is the first representation of Bitcoin in the CIS.

It is to be recalled that Netagio, the British market for the exchange of Bitcoin, gold and pounds launched a mobile application for the virtual currency trade. Now users can fully automate their trading on the exchange, including transactions with virtual currency.

Bitcoin is a peer electronic cash system, decentralized, limited in scope and time; a means of payment used in the system of Bitcoin, presented in the form of digital coins. Operation and protection of the system is accomplished with the help of cryptographic techniques.

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