Food crisis on Earth will begin in 35 years

Scientists realize that if nothing changes soon, humanity will face a serious food crisis in 35 years.

Food crisis on Earth will begin in 35 years

Recently, scientists have become pessimistic. They warned of the imminent end of the world, which comes after the comet hits Mars. This time the alarm is rang by the UN representatives who claim that due to every year drying the amount of land used for growing crops reduces.

Scientists say that the reasons for this are the natural (lack of moisture and precipitation) and human factors (irrational and irresponsible use of land).

Every day an overabundance of salt destroys about 2,000 hectares of land, which could be used for growing a variety of crops. The total amount of land lost because of this is comparable to the entire territory of France.

It is no be noted that Russia and China have long been thinking of starting growing crops on the Moon. The UN believes that by 2050 there will be about 9 billion people on the Earth. By that time there will not be enough of territory.

Scientists argue that this requires plowing, planting trees, and global production of salt-tolerant crops.

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