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Japan sends $ 100 million to fight Ebola

Japan will allocate one hundred million dollars to fight the dangerous disease that spreads in some West African countries. Ebola has already killed more than five thousand people.

Japan sends $ 100 million to fight Ebola

In this regard, the Government of Japan has decided to allocate $ 100 million to fight the deadly virus. According to Yoshihide Suga, Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, the allocated funds will be used for improvement of health infrastructure in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. These are the countries where Ebola fever has caused a large number of deaths and infections, reports joinfo.ua.

It is also known that the government of Japan sent its medical staff to provide infected citizens with high quality care.

As reported, today Ebola is one of the most dangerous and rapidly spreading viruses. There is still no medicine for it.

We it became known that in Sierra Leone there is extremely critical situation. The number of infected people in the country is growing rapidly. For example, in Sierra Leone Ebola spreads ten times faster compared to the previous month.

It is to be recalled that according to the WHO, the number of victims of the deadly fever has reached more than five thousand people. About 14 thousand people are infected. The WHO believes that if the dangerous virus is not stopped, next year the number of victims will increase to one million people.