Scotland plans on new referendum on independence

The leader of the Scottish National Party is counting on the people's initiative.

Scotland can hold a new referendum on independence if people want it. This statement was made today by Nicola Sturgeon designated as the head of the Scottish National Party.

"I believe today as strongly as I ever have, perhaps more strongly than I ever have, that we will be independent. But that will only happen when a majority of our citizens vote for that in a referendum. So our task remains as it has always been – not to impose our will, not to berate those who disagree with us but to persuade – respectfully and intelligently through the strength of our arguments and the power of our actions – to persuade the majority of our fellow Scots that the best future for our country, the way to build a more prosperous more successful country and a fairer society, is for us to become a normal independent nation." Sturgeon said.

The politician does not exclude that the referendum could be held during her presidency of the party.

It is to be recalled that the SNP leader Alex Salmond, who led the party to power, announced his retirement after the defeat in the referendum on Scottish independence on September 18. Next week, Sturgeon takes over as the First Minister of Scotland.

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