Napoleon’s hat sold for nearly 2 million euros

The bicorne hat of Napoleon was sold for nearly 2 million euros at the auction in France.













In Fontainebleau, France there was held an auction, which sold a large collection of personal belongings of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. It belonged to the princely house of Monaco. It was collected by Prince Louis II, the great-grandfather of the current ruler of Monaco Albert II. The members of the princely family decided to sell the unique collection to finance the restoration of the palace.

The famous hat of Napoleon was the most expensive lot. According to historians, during the career of the commander Bonaparte changed about 120 hats, preferring bicorne hats he wore not lengthways, like other French officers, but sideways. To date, only 19 hats survived. The one that was sold at the auction in Fontainebleau, Napoleon commanded the French army at the Battle of Marengo in 1800. A collector from South Korea paid… 1.9 million euros for bicorne hat! It is six times more than the organizers hoped to gain.

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