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Ebola vaccine tested on humans

After numerous tests on animals, doctors began testing the drug on humans.

Ebola vaccine tested on humans

For the first time, the medical experts from Canada and the United States tested the vaccine developed against Ebola on humans. The vaccine they were working on for several years was named VSV-EBOV.

NewLink Genetics Corporation, which develops Bio-pharmacological agents for cancer treatment, received a license for the drug. Doctors say that the vaccine against Ebola has managed to pass a series of successful tests on animals.

Now, the drug will be tested with the help of a volunteer group in the clinic in Halifax, Canada. In parallel, the vaccine will be tested at the US National Institute of Health, and the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. It is to be noted that in the United States, there were reported cases of Ebola infection, and in Canada, there were none.

According to the World Health Organization, so far there are more than 14 thousand Ebola cases in eight countries. 5 thousand incidents were fatal for the infected people. Most of them lived in the countries of West Africa.