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In 10 years, nuclear power of China will threaten U.S. security

In 10 years, nuclear power of China will threaten security of the USA. Information about the growth of China"s nuclear capabilities and possible threat to the U.S. security unveiled in the report of the US-Chinese commission on economy and safety in the U.S. government shocked the foreign press.

In 10 years, nuclear power of China will threaten US security

The report's authors believe that in the next decade China could become a real threat for the Pacific military bases of the USA, located in the western part of the ocean, joinfo.ua reports.

The report emphasizes that the development of China's space program can withstand "information superiority of the United States" and attack U.S. military satellites with different weapon, including kinetic, laser and radioelectronic one. China space weapons will enhance strategic deterrence forces and will protect China from the U.S. and other potential enemies.

According to the authors of the report, "threatening" growth of the nuclear military capabilities of China would weaken the influence of the United States in relation to Japan in the next five years. Its nuclear program would be more "deadly" after launching five nuclear submarines with 12 intercontinental ballistic missiles each, and the introduction of ICBMs with Multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle (MIRV).

According to analysts, China hides much more significant nuclear stockpiles than the U.S. expected. Thus, according to the Pentagon"s data for the last year, China"s nuclear arsenal was composed of 50-75 ICBMs and they do not exclude that within 15 years China will be able to build up to 100 units of ICBM capable to reach the United States.

The report's authors say that next year China will equip itself with new road-mobile ICBM – DF-41, which are now being tested. They carry 10 MIRV of 11.9 thousand km flying range, i.e. capable of reaching the continental part of the United States.

"China can use MIRVs against major U.S. cities and military installations, as well as a means for repressing the U.S. missile defense system," emphasizes the report. As an example of their effectiveness, there is an image of potentially devastating effects of MIRVs with ICBM support on impact on Los Angeles. "After the nuclear attack on the city radioactive dust will spread with the wind for thousands of kilometers," as the result, the probability of people survival in an open area within the radius of 1.2 to 1.4 thousand km is equal to zero, the authors of the report say.

Earlier it was reported that China planned to begin discovering Mars.