Mobile sobering-up units for those who overindulged presented in Britain

In the UK this innovation will be particularly relevant during the Christmas holidays.

At the police headquarters of the English city of Bristol there was presented a unique vehicle. For the first time in the city there appeared the first mobile sobering-up stations. During the long New Year holidays they would "clean" the streets of drunken people.

British doctors have repeatedly said that their country is among the three most drinking countries in Europe.

British law enforcement agencies note that they have had to pacify drunken residents of Albion more often. The peak of drunken brawls happen on Saturday evening and the night from Saturday to Sunday.

In the near future the police will change the tactics of incident warnings due to drunkenness. Mobile sobering-up stations should solve the problem.

In such vehicles drunken citizens will be provided with all necessary assistance. The vehicles will look like heavy "trucks". They can be distinguished by characteristic color.

Inside the 20-meter wagon there will be everything necessary: 8 beds, 3 special chairs equipped with seat belts for "fixing" violent clients, 2 showers and a toilet.

In mobile sobering-up units there are also droppers, oxygen tanks and masks, as well as laboratory equipment for quick analyses.

So far, in the UK there are only 10 such cars, but their number will increase.

These sobering-up stations on wheels has long been used in some American cities, where they are called "drunk tanks".

It is to be recalled, this fall in Sweden there was presented an "Alco Gate" which do not let a drunk driver pass. Passing through this checkpoint resembling a boom barrier, the driver must blow into the tube for the mechanism to determine whether he has consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheel. The analysis of the inhaled air takes just 1.5 seconds.

If the device determines that the person drives a car while intoxicated, it will block the road and call the police arriving within six minutes.

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