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British woman marries two cats

A resident of the UK, who has got disappointed in men decided to marry her cats.

British woman marries two cats

Since Barbarella Buchner has no one but her four-paw friends, the woman decided to tie the knot with her tailed housemates. This rather strange marriage was registered in the virtual Civil Registry Agency. Therefore, the wedding is tokenistic.

At the same time, it does not bother Barbarella. She explained her unusual choice by the fact that her cats take their mistress as she is. And it is the most important thing for her.

"Some people call me a bigamist for marrying two cats, but why should not I?" the woman said.

Now Barbarella has two husbands. The first one is called Lugosi, and the second one is Spider. After the wedding, this unusual family went to the island of Lanzarote for a whole month. This amusing trio will spend there their honeymoon.