Switzerland to give Ukraine $ 200 million loan

The Swiss government is considering granting a loan to Ukraine in the amount of $ 200 million. It is reported by Joinfo.ua with reference to the federal authorities of Switzerland.

The report notes that this loan is a part of an internationally coordinated aid package, developed to help Ukraine to achieve financial stability. It also relates to the implementation of the IMF program.

"The Federal Council has instructed the SNB to grant Ukraine a credit of $200 million. The Confederation will give the SNB a guarantee for timely reimbursement and interest payments. The credit is tied to the implementation of the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) programme and may not be used to finance the military budget," the report says.

In addition, it is emphasized that stabilization of the financial situation in Ukraine is in the sphere of interests of Switzerland and is a traditional tool to ensure financial stability for this country.

Earlier, it was reported that the IMF mission approved the allocation of $ 17.5 billion of financial aid to Ukraine.

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