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EU to abolish visas for Ukrainians

The European Union may soon abolish visas for Georgians and Ukrainians, but no formal decision has been made yet.

The abolishment of visas for the Ukrainians and Georgians by the EU is already possible, but no decisions have been taken yet. Johannes Hahn, the Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy says that the negotiations are underway, and Brussels checks whether these countries meet the requirements, Joinfo.ua reports.

"We assess the situation. We'll see if the European Commission could publish a positive conclusion on the matter. Nevertheless, it will be the opinion only of the Commission, which we will have to discuss with the Member States of the EU," Hahn said.

Brussels has long been suggesting that the European Union should be more open to Georgia and Ukraine. Polish Radio recently reported that the European Union could announce its decision on the possible abolition of visas for the citizens of these countries at the May summit of the Eastern Partnership in Riga.