100-year-old Japanese woman swims 1,500 meters in an hour

100-year-old Japanese woman Mieko Nagaoka swam 1,500 meters in free style, her achievement will enter the Guinness Book of Records.

100-year-old Nagaoka was the only participant to swim in the age division of 100 – 104 years in the 25-meter pool in Ehime in Japan, reports. She completed her swim under a storm of applause.

100-year-old athlete overcame the distance in 1 hour and 16 minutes. "I want to swim until I turn 105, if I can live that long," said Nagaoka.

Last year, Nagaoka also successfully completed the 1,500-meter swim in the 50-meter pool. She is also the author of the book entitled "I'm 100 years old and I'm the best swimmer in the world."

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