‘Icy embrace, taking lives’: video of avalanche on Everest after earthquake in Nepal

Mount Everest "got rid" of tons of snow due to the earthquake in Nepal that killed dozens of climbers.

Avalanche on Everest

Mount Everest shuddered because of the earthquake in Nepal. On the Internet appeared a video filmed by the climbers, who ascended the highest peak of the world – Mount Everest, reports with reference to the foreign media.

A man was able to film the moment when after the earthquake, which occurred in Nepal, a powerful avalanche covered the main camp of the climbers.

Eyewitnesses of what happened noticed that the earth was shaking under their feet – this phrase is clearly heard on the recording. After a short time the camp was hit by a ton of snow, with fell from the slopes of the mountain. It was impossible to run.

Earlier it was reported that an avalanche after the earthquake in Nepal killed about 90 climbers – the body are still being found.

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