Latvia to give Ukraine

?150,000 are aimed at development projects, ? 50,000

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia announced that the country would provide Ukraine with € 300 thousand for development, Tyzhden informs.

"Russian aggression and economic crisis of Ukraine became the reason for the different factors that affect regional stability, security, and the policies of the EU Eastern Partnership and relations between our countries," reads the statement.

Draft decision on assistance is already approved by the government. The amount claimed for Ukraine from the state budget of Latvia is € 300 thousand.

The document prepared by the Foreign Ministry states that € 150,000 are aimed at development projects, € 50,000 – at contributions to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and another € 100,000 – at contributions to other international organizations and foundations.

These amounts should contribute to "stabilization of Ukraine and implementation of reforms," said the Ministry.

The money will be allocated from the section of the state budget of Latvia from the article "For contingent expenses". There were specified the following development projects: the fight against corruption, rural development, regional development, transfer of experience of European integration and EU standards.

It should be recalled that Norway will allocate € 5 million of humanitarian assistance to displaced people from the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

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