U.S. agricultural companies to provide Ukraine with $ 1 billion for agricultural machinery

American companies will deliver agricultural machinery amounting to $ 1 billion to Ukraine and increase investment in the agricultural sector.

U.S. will provide Ukraine with the machinery amounting to $ 1 billion and increase investment in the agricultural sector, reports.

During the session ‘Agribusiness and Infrastructure’, Oleksiy Pavlenko, the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, reported that the U.S. companies would help Ukraine to gather the harvest by delivering agricultural machinery amounting to $ 1 billion. It was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Pavlenko also said that the Ukrainian farmers had established fruitful collaboration with American colleagues. For example, such agricultural companies as AgCo, Monsanto, and Dupont Pioneer successfully operate on the Ukrainian market and increase the investments in the agricultural sector every year.

“Ambitious goals set by 2020 make us continue the struggle for reforms. We want to substantially increase the annual grain production, products with export value added. I am grateful for the support of our American partners, which Ukraine needs so much,” said the Minister.

A prospective project for foreign investors is also the modernization of irrigation systems in the southern regions of Ukraine.

“We have to transform our infrastructure into a system that will meet the interests of Ukraine in the next quarter-century, also we need funds and expert assistance. We expect that the investors attracted to this magnificent business will get return on their capital,” Pavlenko said.

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