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A strange ball looking like the Star Wars torture device falls from space

An entire goat farm was put under quarantine after a strange orb from space had been found nearby

A strange black orb was found in Spain, in the middle of a field. Apparently, the mysterious ball fell from space. The orb was discovered by Spanish goat farmers, who noticed an obvious similarity between the strange black ball and the Star Wars torture device, Joinfo.ua reports with the reference to The Mirror.

An area, where the object had been found, was put under quarantine to warn possible troubles.

Independent researchers assumed that the object may be a pressurized gas container which has fallen to the Earth from space, according to El Pais .

Locals agreed, suggesting the mystery ball “had to have fallen from heaven”.

The Civil Guard also said it may have come from a rocket or satellite.

“The area has all the earmarks of being a container pressure for gases, possibly a space station,” said a local community manager who has conducted his own research into what the object might be.


“These objects are made ​​of a material as strong survive almost intact reentry into the earth and even catastrophic explosions”.

Similar objects are also thought to have been found in Australia and Brazil.

Investigators have said the mystery object is not dangerously radioactive or explosive, and have taken it away for further analysis.

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