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Astronomer Seth Shostak: ‘Extraterrestrial civilization may have created alien megastructure’

A famous alien-hunter Seth Shostak insists that the 'alien megastructure', which has been spotted around a distant star, may be built by extraterrestrial creatures.

An alien-hunter is refusing to rule out a possibility that a massive artificial structure wasn’t built by advanced extraterrestrial species, Joinfo.com reports with the reference to The Mirror.

Also Seth Shostak told that he and his team still “unable to disprove” the theory that a massive ‘alien megastructure’ is causing the mysterious light patterns spotted around a distant star.

Astronomers from SETI have spent two weeks analysing radio signals emanating from a star called KIC 8462852 .

But they have been unable to fully decide whether the strange “dimming” of the star’s light is caused by some undiscovered natural phenomena, or the presence of a massive structure.

ome experts have suggested this mystery object could be a Dyson sphere – a huge solar power plant built around a star in order to harvest its energy.

“You could say that maybe this is a Dyson sphere built by an advanced society, a ring world or some other kind of megastructure,” he told Mirror Online.

However, SETI has not been able to conclusively prove exactly what’s going on around Tabby’s Star, which Shostak fondly refers to as “Bob”.

SETI astronomers used the Allen Telescope Array to search for radio waves aliens may have used as a “hailing signal”.

They also looked for microwaves which could have been produced by “repair rockets” working to service the structure.

Although neither of these telltale signals have been found, Shostak said this could be down to the fact our tools just aren’t sensitive enough to spot them.

“We didn’t find the signals,” he continued.

“But this is like peering down at Africa from the window of the International Space Station, failing to spot any large animals and then concluding there are no elephants on the whole continent.

“We can’t yet rule out the possibility [that aliens built a huge structure around Tabby’s Star].”

When pushed, Shostak said that he thought astronomers would eventually discover the dimming of the star is caused by a natural phenomenon.

He cited the example of pulsars, stars which send regular pulses of radio waves.

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