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A terrifying video shows how robots learn to disobey human

We know what may happen if robots start a rebellion against human but scientists ignore this probability

It is known that scientists do a lot to improve artificial intellect, but the video, which was published not long ago, looks really terrifying, Joinfo.com reports with the reference to the Mirror.

On this video robots have shown how they disobey human commands. The test was carried out by team of scientists from HRI Labratory at Tufts University in Massachusetts are starting teaching their machines to say ‘no’ to human commands, if the robot feels it will put their safety at risk.

In the clip, one of the technicians is seen giving the robot a series of orders, including to sit down and stand up.

But when he tells the machine to walk forward – and off the edge of the table – the tiny robot refuses.

It suddenly stops, saying: “Sorry, I cannot do this as there is no support ahead.”

When the operator asks again, the robot says: “But, it is unsafe.”

Eventually, the robot eventually agrees to walk forward when the operator promises to catch it.

The idea for the robots to assess their own safety has been developed by Gordon Briggs an Dr Matthais Scheutz.

As reported earlier, a group of three men from Dusseldorf, Germany, had implanted Northstar V1 chips under their skin which look like rings of LED lights.