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London newest skyscraper looks rude from above

Spire London will be the tallest residential tower in Western Europe but it looks suspiciously like the male genitals.
London newest skyscraper looks rude from above

The newest £800m skyscraper called Spire London is being built by Greenland Group, a Chinese firm, Joinfo.com reports citing the UK media.

The tower will be 235 meters tall, have 67 floors for businesses and private apartments. The Spire is planned to be completed by 2020 and expected to become the most eye-catching skyscraper in the London skyline.

The building was designed by architects Larry Malcic and Christopher Colosimo, who said the shape of the tower was inspired by orchids, and that its three sections are meant to be “petals”.

However, there is a little problem: from the plane, people will see something different in the proposed design.

According to the designers, the skyscraper, located in the London Docklands, was meant to reflect the area’s shipping history.

“This is Greenland Group’s most important project in Europe, and will deliver exceptional new homes for Londoners,” Yuliang Zhang, president of Greenland Group says.

Image: HOK Design.