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Schiphol airport testing new security scanner

The new scanner at Amsterdam Schiphol airport provides 3D images so that security staff can see what exactly is in the hand luggage. So, soon you will not need to take laptops and other gadgets out of your bags
Schiphol airport testing new security scanner

Currently, the new scanner is used at one lane of the departure section and in the transfer area to find out if will speed up the control process, Joinfo.com reports.

“If all goes well, we want the system to be introduced to other control areas of the airport,” said Daan van Vroonhoven of security at Schiphol.

Liquids should still remain in the special transparent sealed plastic bags. But if the 3D scanner will be implemented worldwide and the laws and regulations for hand luggage adjusted, passengers may also bring back larger bottles in their hand luggage.

The implementation of the new system at Schiphol is expected to be completed by the end of the next year.

Image: ANP.