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Is this cat or dog?

Internet fell in love with furry cat called Atchoum. The animal looks like as a cross breed between a cat and a shih tzu. In fact, Atchoum is a Persian cat with the rare 'werewolf syndrome'.
Is this cat or dog?

Atchoum became an Internet star after her owners posted pictures of the cat on social media. She has already have more than 162,000 followers on Instagram, Joinfo.com reports.

Nathalie Côté, the owner, created a website about Atchoum for her fans. Nathalie adopted the cat at a veterinary clinic in Quebec.


Atchoum has a hormonal disorder called hypertricosis (or werewolf syndrome).

The furry cat is not only compared with a shih tzu, but also with a ewok, a confused professor and a gremlin.


“I’m hairy, not scary. That sounds scarier than it is,” Nathalie wrote on the website. ”The syndrome causes an excessive hair and nails growth. Fortunately, my mum is a groomer because my crazy long hairs on my face are thick like a dog. But she doesn’t over-groom me, because she likes my “mad scientist” look.