Hijackers released almost all hostages at Malta airport

Malta hijack: All hostages released, hijackers in custody

Almost all hostages have been released following a hijack drama at Malta International Airport, according to the Times of Malta.

The hijackers have also been reportedly seen waving green flag.

Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has said that only the crew remains on board. It is also unclear how many hijackers there are.

The Afriqiyah Airways A320 on an internal flight to the Libian capital of Tripoli was hijacked and diverted to the Malta airport by two man claiming to have a hand grenade.

A total of 111 passengers and 7 crew members are on board the aircraft which landed in Malta at 11.32am local time.

At 12.13pm, the plane’s engines were still running and it was surrounded by soldiers of the Armed Forces of Malta at a distance. It did not seem anyone had yet approached the plane.

The situation is developing.

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