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Top 16 countries with best healthcare in the world

Here are 16 countries with the best healthcare in the world. So if you consider relocation this list may come in handy
Top 16 countries with best healthcare in the world

The British Legatum Institute conducted a research on the healthcare situation in different countries. They rank all countries based on different criteria to see which one has the best health. Interestingly, the United States despite Obamacare still does not get beyond the 32nd place, Joinfo.com reports with reference to News Monkey.

Below are the top 16:

16. Canada

Canada has a law on affordable healthcare since 1984, but more and more Canadians go to expensive, but often better private hospitals in the United States.

15. Qatar

Thanks to a completely new system of healthcare across the country, Qatar is the highest ranked Arab country.

14. France

The really high average life expectancy of 82 years provided France with this high place.

13. Norway

Everyone under 16 gets free healthcare in Norway, but the older people have to pay. Yet there is no country in the world which invest more into healthcare.

12. New Zealand

New Zealand also has a high average life expectancy of 81.6 years.

11. Belgium

The compulsory health insurance in Belgium makes it one of the cheapest countries for healthcare.

10. Germany

Germany is among the best with a life expectancy of 81 years.

9. Israel

Israel is the best-performing country in the region with a life expectancy of up to 82.5 years.

8. Australia

Australia has low pollution level, which provides the Aussies the fourth highest average life expectancy – 82.8 years.

7. Hong Kong

With many hospitals for its small population, Hong Kong scores very well.

6. Sweden

All the Nordic countries are doing very well in this ranking, including Sweden.

5. The Netherlands

Last year, the Netherlands was the best European country, but now it’s sunk a bit.

4. Japan

The average life expectancy in Japan is 83.7 years, the highest in the world. So high that even facing problems with many elderly people.

3. Switzerland

Switzerland has a compulsory healthcare that takes it almost to the top.

2. Singapore

With a very high life expectancy and, in spite of urbanization, lots of greenery, Singapore tops the list.

1. Luxembourg

Luxembourg scores very well on all fronts and tops then this list.

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