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Top 10 Facts About Groundhogs

Here are top 10 facts about groundhogs:

1. The theory is that if skies are clear and Phil sees his shadow, winter will go on for another six weeks but overcast skies predict that spring is imminent.

2. Records show that since 1887, Phil has seen his shadow 102 times, and not seen it 18 times.

3. Groundhog watchers say he is always right; meteorologists say tossing a coin is just as good.

4. Groundhog Day has its origins in the German feast of Candlemas, which is also on February 2.

5. The groundhog is a member of the marmot family, also known as a woodchuck or whistlepig.

6. The last of those names comes from its habit of giving a warning whistling when it sees a predator.

7. They also whistle during the courtship season in spring.

8. The average groundhog in the wild lives 6-8 years. Punxsutawney Phil is said to owe his longevity to drinking a magical punch in summer.

9. The annual groundhog prediction ceremony is made at a place called Gobbler’s Knob in Woodland’s Avenue Punxsutawney.

10. The 1993 film Groundhog Day was actually filmed in Woodstock, Illinois.


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