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A tiny London house is on sale for $700,000

A tiny home in London has hit the market, asking almost $750,000 (£600,000) for a building that's less than nine feet wide.

The listing highlights London’s skyrocketing housing prices. The “cottage” is a standalone, two-floor home with a living area, kitchen and bathroom on the ground floor and a bedroom upstairs, Joinfo.com reports with reference to the Time magazine.

A real estate agent described the small house as “a proper Chelsea gem,” but adds that it will likely need “complete re-modernization.” It has reportedly been 50 years since the house was last for sale.

If you do have more than three-quarters of a million dollars to spare, this could be the purchase for you: It’s right next to St. Luke’s Gardens, and the 290 square feet amounts to a pretty sizable space in the context of the tiny living trend.

Here is the entrance hall, living room, dining room … well, this is the ground floor.

The kitchen needs a serious renovation.

Fortunately, there is one bedroom under the roof.

Ok, the house is small but it has a million dollar view.

Photo: Douglas & Gordon.