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10 Unbelievable Food Carvings By Japanese Artist “Gaku”

Playing with your food isn't always a bad thing. A Japanese artist, who goes by the name Gaku on Instagram, has raised it to an art form, carving intensely intricate patterns into everyday fruits and vegetables.
10 Unbelievable Food Carvings By Japanese Artist “Gaku”

Gaku, who began posting his work on Instagram about 8 months ago, practices the traditional Japanese art of mukimono, which literally means “stripped product”, Joinfo.com reports with reference to Bored Panda.

It became a popular form of food presentation during the 16th century in Japan, and spread to Thailand shortly after. It is now an important culinary ritual in both countries.

Due to oxidization, fruit carvers have to work fast, making Gaku’s art even more impressive. Gaku, according to Spoon & Tamago, eats all of his projects when finished.

1. Food Carving


2. Food Carving


3. Food Carving


4. Food Carving


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5. Food Carving


6. Food Carving


7. Food Carving


8. Food Carving


9. Food Carving


10. Food Carving


Watch the video below:

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