Let the summer begin: Here are 13 best European beaches

Let the summer begin: Here are the 13 best European beaches
Now when the ski holidays (almost) over, we can all look forward to summer vacation.

Here are some options for you to choose when you plan the upcoming vacations.

1. La Concha Beach, San Sebastian, Spain


La Concha Beach has earned its name for ‘la concha’ which means a shell and refers to the shape of the coast. The long stretch of the beach attracts tourists from miles away and is perfect for a long walk. Everything is within reach and you can do anything: surfing, kayaking, beach volleyball;

2. Elafonissi Beach, Elafonissi, Greece


Beautiful clear blue water is always a plus, especially when the rest is great too. The white sand is a pinkish appearance, creating a stunning effect. The intense colors make this beach a paradise.

3. La Cote des Basques, Biarritz, France


La Cote des Basques can be found in the warm south of France. It is a coast located at the center of the city. The beach is the perfect place to relax when you just have to recover from the bustle of Biarritz.

4. Fig Tree Bay, Protaras, Cyprus


The ultimate sports paradise. On Fig Tree Bay you can go kayaking, water skiing and windsurfing. Those of us who is not into sports can just relax on the beach and enjoy the sun.

5. Spiaggia dei Conigli, Lampedusa, Italy


A small cozy beach where every year thousands of people are enjoying the deep blue waters and the great weather. It is so coveted that you’re going quite early to ensure a spot under an umbrella. A small piece of oasis between the rocks of Sicily.

6. Playa de Ses Illetes, Formentera, Spain


It seems like a dream, but this beach is real. Playa Des Illetes is a beautiful beach in Spain. The weather is great in the summer, which makes working on your tan really easy. Take a cocktail in one hand, a good book in the other and enjoy. And if you look closely, you can see Ibiza on the horizon.

7. Balos Beach and Lagoon, Kissamos, Crete, Greece


This beach is considered the most beautiful in Crete, Greece and the Mediterranean. The bright blue water makes this beach one of the most photographed. The beach is accessible by car to the parking lot, but then you have to continue on foot or by donkey.

8. Kleftiko Beach, Milos, Greece


Kleftiko Beach lies between the big rocks. The beach is only accessible by boat. But when you get there, you can enjoy the beautiful weather, views and clear blue waters that you definitely can not resist.

9. Weymouth Beach, Weymouth, Great Britain


One of the most beautiful beaches is in Great Britain. Weymouth Beach is the perfect spot to enjoy the view, to achieve peace and you even have to venture a splash in the water.

10. Cala Mariolu, Baunei, Italy


No, this is not a screensaver. Cala Mariolu in Italy is the ultimate paradise. Also this beach has everything you can expect from Mother Earth. The warm sand under your feet, the fresh water to cool off and the beautiful nature around you. Once you go into the water, curious fish coming towards you, as if it did not sound perfect enough.

11. Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Greece


It is a desert island, far from everything and everyone. A hidden beach in Greece. Navagio Beach, is the place where you can enjoy the peace undisturbed. You get there only by boat, which is slightly ironic. Because there is a wreck of a ship, they call it sometimes Shipwreck Beach.

12. Falésia Beach, Olhos de Agua, Portugal


Surrounded by beautiful red rocks, Falésia Beach is just seven kilometers of the 832 kilometer long coastline of Portugal. The large cliffs give the beach an immense feeling and also gives us a breathtaking view.

13. Nissi Beach, Agia Napa


The ultimate beach vacation: beautiful scenery, clear water, and it’s just near your hotel. The perfect trip with friends if you ask us. The beach is also fancied by celebrities, which proves that it is good. You can spend days on the beach and evenings at foam parties.

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