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Look Twice: These Incredible Pictures Will Blow Your Mind

Some pictures are so special that they play with your brains. And this time we don’t mean the color of the famous blue-black or gold-yellow dress.
Look Twice: These Incredible Pictures Will Blow Your Mind

These 11 photographs seem at first sight quite clear … until you look a second time and realizes that it is something else actually.

1. No, this is not a UFO full of aliens coming to conquer the earth


It is actually a photograph of a storm. The UFO is the reflection of a light in the room where the photographer is hiding.

2. No, this is not a work of art and not a trunk which was zooms


It’s just an aerial image of the gigantic capital of India, New Delhi. If you look closely you can see a few condominiums there.

3. No, this is not a video game or a bad Photoshop


It seems like yellow bars are floating over the road, but it’s just a parking lot in Hawaii at the time when the sun reaches its highest point.

4. No, this is not a new species


It looks like a mix between an anteater and a panda, but actually just a giant anteater with the paws that look like panda face.

5. No, this is not an art theater


It is the inside of a guitar. If you look closely, you can see the strings.

6. No, this is not the latest version of SimCity


This is a Japanese cemetery.

7. No, this is not the ocean that flows through the air


But an impressive and terrifying cloud.

8. No, this is not an exotic caterpillar


Maybe you should look thrice now: this is a row of nine birds sitting on a branch together.

9. No, on this forest path you better not walk


At least if you do not want to get wet, because it is a creek full of leaves.

10. No, this apartment is not on fire


The residents do not have to call the fire department, because this is just a setting sun reflected in the window. Weird, right?

11. Finally, no, this is not a starry sky over a tree


Rather, it is the shadow of a tree above a polluted pond.


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