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Green Tea Could Prevent Memory Loss and Obesity, Study Finds

A new study reveals that a molecule of Epigallocatechin—3-gallata (EGCG) contained in green tea could even protect against insulin resistance – which is one of causes of type 2 diabetes, according to Daily Express.

Scientists have looked in to the effect on the molecule on a high-fat and high fructose diet (HFFD) – the first research of its kind to be carried out.

Experts have previously believed green tea has the ability to treat a range of human diseases.

The scientists have divided mice into three groups based on diet. The first group was fed a standard diet, the second group a HFFD diet and the third were fed an HFFD diet and 2 grams of EGCG per litre of drinking water.

The mice were monitored over a period of 16 weeks.

Researchers found the mice fed the high fat, high fructose diet had a higher final body weight that the HFFD and EGCG mice. They also found the mice fed EGCG responded better in memory tests.

The findings suggest there may be cognitive benefits to be gained from EGCG.

The study authors said: “To our knowledge, this study is the first to provide compelling evidence that the nutritional compound EGCG has the potential to ameliorate HFFD-triggered learning and memory loss.”

The study was published in the FASEB Journal.

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