Space to Live: A Story of Love and Space and the CosmoHack

Space to Live: A Story of Love and Space and the CosmoHack
Space and Future Forum to make the outer space closer and the Earth better

On 3-5 October 2017 Kyiv is going to host the Space and Future Forum to network international experts and youth, many of whom will also participate at the first CosmoHack in the world. Joinfo provides media coverage of the Forum, and some of its topics were already discussed in our articles. Still, many people who would like to participate wonder which ideas, topics or projects they can offer for the CosmoHack and the Teams of the Future. Joinfo asked the Forum co-organizer Sergiy Vakarin to provide more insights for the participants.

Joinfo: So, what sort of space do we need for our future?

Sergiy Vakarin: There was an old joke. One person asks: “What is the time?”, and the other replies with a question: “And what is the space?”

When you think about space and the meanings of this word you get completely amazed.

Joinfo: OK. Space and Future Forum – space in what sense?

Sergiy Vakarin: In fact, you can choose the meaning that you feel is the most important to you.

Space as the Universe – and each of us is a Universe of our own and at the same time a reflection of the whole Universe. Outer space, our own planet Earth and people who love it (one of them is Ukrainian astronaut and our keynote speaker Leonid Kadenyuk), will be a focus of our Forum.

Space as the place where we live – let us think at the Forum how we can make our living space better.

Space as a physical phenomenon: space vs time, Einstein and the future. Our speakers will discuss that as well.

Space as an interval between our thoughts, words or images – as I told the audience at the Silicon Valley Open Doors conference, it may seem small and insignificant but contains a lot of meaning.

At the same time, we are also talking about the hyperspace of our texts, images and so on. The ultimate literal understanding is a book tower built in Prague. But Internet is the best example – and the participants can discuss it too.

book tower

Joinfo: How often do we forget one particular meaning: space to breathe – even though we need it most of all! Sometimes we recall it when no space is left.

Sergiy Vakarin: Yes, last but not least… You want to breathe? Remember that others need their own space to breathe too! By the way, this was also a topic at our another Forum where we presented Space to Breathe, a short film (but a deep love story) by Maria Plotnikova.

Joinfo: But what can the participants brainstorm about all of these “spaces”?

Sergiy Vakarin: If you want to make the outer space closer, or the space of your country better, or your own space to breathe wider and cleaner – welcome to our Forum and CosmoHack and write to [email protected] ! But maybe you are a new Einstein or want to find one – then come and brainstorm how space and time can become part of a new “theory of everything”.

And you are definitely welcome if you know how to make our life and space more meaningful!

What do you think?

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