Lego unites people, sustainability unites organisations

Lego unites people, sustainability unites organisations
Portuguese expert Miguel Reynolds Brandao discusses SORG Index and tells how he built his own company to be sustainable

On October 3-5, 2017 the International Youth Space and Future Forum will take place in Kyiv, Ukraine. We have already started introductions of the Forum speakers in an interview with Leonid Kadenyuk, the first astronaut of independent Ukraine, Canadian Ukrainian computer linguist, information scientist and futurist Irina Sevbo-Biletska and asteroid explorer Rick Tumlinson. Also, NASA engineer Omar Hatamleh shared his ideas with UkraineIS, and Sergiy Vakarin described multiple meanings of the space concept and answered Joinfo questions about ideas, topics or projects that can be offered for the first CosmoHack in the world.

We continue to introduce the Forum speakers. In an exclusive interview with Joinfo, Portuguese expert Miguel Reynolds Brandao discusses SORG Index and an example of a sustainable company with the Forum co-organizer and hi-tech expert Sergiy Vakarin.

Sergiy Vakarin: You are known internationally as a consultant helping organizations become sustainable. You are also the author of the the Sustainable Organisation Model and The Sustainable Organisation Index (SORG) based on it. Can you describe in brief how SORG can help organizations become sustainable?

Miguel Reynolds Brandao: The SORG Index is designed to help all of us know who the organisations really are. Being a transparent, accessible and objective index, it offers a unique perspective on how sustainable an organisation is. Not by what the organisation promotes but by their impact in society as a whole.

From an internal perspective of the organisation, the SORG index can help defining and adjusting strategies towards sustainability.

If the SORG analysis is widely connected (through KPIs) with the whole strategic and executive information system of the the organisation, it become a guarantee that strategy and its implementation is consistent and sustainable.

Sergiy Vakarin: You believe smaller organisations (dolphins) should be adaptive in the world where the larger ones (sharks) set the rules. In addition calculating their SORG, how can the “dolphins” survive and be sustainable among the “sharks”?

Miguel Reynolds Brandao: By being “Dolphins”!
Ignoring the “Sharks”.
Developing real economic value with fairness and transparency.
Through innovation. Solving Humankind problems —that should be the true nature of entrepreneurship.

Sergiy Vakarin: Initial context for our contact was the UkraineIS International Forum that included a Lego contest. Your product CorkBrick is often called “Lego for adults”. How can such products help both our sustainable future and creativity?

Miguel Reynolds Brandao: Corkbrick is a good example of how we can use nature in a clever and sustainable manner, building a new concept that will improve people’s life and stimulate their creativity with a solution that can be used and reused through generations..

Corkbrick allows the creation of “sustainable dynamic furniture and structures”, a new concept that will soon make the headlines and will contribute to the development of a new philosophy of how people can create and manage the space they live in throughout their lives

Sergiy Vakarin: Can such products be useful in the outer space?

Miguel Reynolds Brandao: I Imagine so. But to give you a better answer, just take me there first…:)

Sergiy Vakarin: What is a special issue of the future, in particular the future economy/business that you would recommend the participants of the Forum and the CosmoHack to focus their attention on?

Miguel Reynolds Brandao: We all have the obligation to future generations to use our intelligence and creativity to build a present and a future that will proud the children of our grand children. There are too many problems to solve in this world so don’t waist your energy just looking for money. Look for solving problems that will make our lives better. This is real economic value. Money comes as a natural consequence. Look for cooperation to involve other dolphins and enjoy every day of your life without jeopardizing yours and the other’s future.

What do you think?

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Colonization of the space: Will humankind become new cosmic humanity?

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